There is always a reason to come to the Hotel Bernina: either during months with snow or during the summer period, it is the ideal destination for those who love sports or for those who simply want to escape from the chaos of the city and enjoy the nature.




The white lake is the best location for one of the most beautiful Kite experiences you can do in winter.  With good wind conditions from north and from south on both the white and the black lake, kite lovers can try their hand at spectacular evolutions. For those who would like to try this sport for the first time, there is a Snowkite school inside the hotel to take private lessons and rent the right equipment.



From the Hotel Bernina you can enjoy unique experiences on traditional snowshoes, like a walk under the moonlight. Starting from the Hotel, you can take different kind of routes according to your preparation and audacity. There is the possibility to take guided tours or simply to rent snowshoes and walking sticks.

Guided alpine tours

Our Hotel is the ideal starting point for an alpine trip. You will only have to choose from which side you prefer to go and then leave with the guide who will come to pick you up and will help you to face every climb you wish, from the easy White Motta to the much more difficult Piz Palù.



In summer, the Hotel Bernina is the ideal destination for road cyclists, mountainbikers, motorcyclists, hikers and professional athletes.


The roads that reach us and the paths are unique and fascinating.

Wide plain areas by the lake allow runners to train themselves in peace of mind with cool temperature. Steep climbs are perfect for more important trainings.


There are different paths for different level of  difficulty that reach us or that you can take starting from the Hotel.


Iron paths, playful paths for children, downhill or uphill paths, flat paths….with us you can find any kind of path you are looking for!

Gatherings and events

It is the ideal place for bikes, motorcycles or cars gatherings as we offer two large outdoor parkings and other three indoor parkings. One of the most important Engadine motoring events has our hotel restaurant as main spot. Since 2014, the Bernina Grand Tourism has been relying on our services and our professionalism for the organization of their events.



There are several paths that you can visit to admire their splendour and beauty.  Starting form our hotel, you can choose different paths according to your level of preparation, from beginner to expert. If you wish to take an organized tour, we offer the possibility to have one of our guides at your disposal.

Iron paths and climbing

For those who love climbing, the Hotel Bernina is the ideal location to reach iron paths and many other unique paths. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to take advantage of the knowledge of our Uaigm alpine guides for guided trips of any level and difficulty.



Move freely throughout the Engadine Valley and Valposchiavo Valley with our e-bikes. Bike rental will take place at the Special Chalet in Celerina. Advance booking is recommended before going to the Chalet.


The Bernina Pass is an unmissable itinerary in the heart of the Swiss Alps, between the Poschiavo Valley an d the Engadine Valley. A step away from the sky, where the nature with its spaces, colors and scents gives unique and rare feelings of well-being.

The beauty of the Cambrena Glacier and the Sassal Masone will leave you speechless and you will have the opportunity to admire both the White Lake and the Black Lake.
The chromatic contrast between the two lakes, especially during summer months, gives a unique image.
In proximity of the Hotel is situated the Crocetta Lake where, during the warmest months of the year, the bravest ones take the opportunity to enjoy a swim at a high altitude.
Furthermore, from the Hotel, in less than a 30 minutes drive, it is possible to reach the famous St. Moritz or the historical Poschiavo.
The Bernina Lodging is also the highest point reached by the Rhaetian railway and the Red Train, a Unesco heritage site.

Dates not to be missed

In contrast to what it is usually thought, the middle seasons are also very attractive and they offer a different kind of charm compared to what other periods of the year offer.

May: It is the month of the Alpine Ibex that, in groups of 30-40 go down towards the town where, in the afternoon, you will have the possibility to look at them closely thanks to guided tours.

October: It is the month in which deers fall in love and they develope their horns. Moreover, the colors of the nature change drastically in both the Engadine Valley and the Valposchiavo Valley becoming a charming poem of colors. Red, yellow and green mix themselves up with the colors of the sky and the mountains. October is also the best period for photoshootings.

November: It is the opening month of the Diavolezza Glacier, ideal for ski club and for those who are passionate about skiing for a pre-winter training.