About us Hotel Bernina

We have been present for over 150 years. Focusing on the mountain Experience, we'll take your journey to an higher level.

Since ancient times, when pack animals were still used to cross the Bernina Pass, with snow storms and freezing cold during winter and with the scents and the colors of the alpine flora in summer, the Bernina Lodging was refuge for horses changing and for refreshment with a good hot dish or a tasty polenta together with a glass of red wine from the nearby Valtellina; but also to stay overnight and leave again well rested. The exchanges took place between Valtellina and the Engadine Valley and then continue north (Germany, Austria) or south towards Italy.

Today, it is even more exciting to cross the border between the Engadine Valley and the Valposchiavo Valley. The polenta and the risotto with a glass of red wine are still the same as they used to be; in addition today we also offer typical products of the Valposchiavo Valley. The comfort of our Hotel has certainly evolved: today it is possible to reach us by different means of transport, by car or by the legendary Bernina Red Train.

Even if many things have stayed the same, like snow storms and freezing cold in winter, the scents and the colors of the alpine flora in summer and the unique taste of risotto with a good glass of red wine, The Hotel Bernina has become the benchmark for those who love snow and winter sports, thanks to its proximity to ski lifts and frozen lakes but also for those who love to experience the mountain in spring and summer, taking long walks on foot, on a horse or in mountain-bike. At the Hotel Bernina you will find many services developed in details in order to make your stay unforgettable.

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